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Domain parking

Currently there are almost 1.5 millions of .com registered (.COM only, let alone other extensions). However, the majority of them are left unused.

Instead of giving the viewers a "404 not found" page, many unused domains are parked in partnership with "Domain Parking" companies, such as ParkingCrew, Voodoo, Above and Sedo, to name but a few.

While the majority of the parking companies opearte in a professional manner, there is a blacksheep in this industry that we have to be aware of. It is "BODIS".

As far as I am concerned, I am a domain investor and have a sizable portfolio for various purposes. Some of them are for development and some of them are for sale. For those I am not sure what to do for the time being, I will put them on the Parking page with different partners. Although the revenue would not be so great like we enjoyed 10 years ago, I, at least, have managed to get the renewal fee so I don't have to pay out of my pocket every year when the bill is due.

I decided to try using BODIS a few months ago and it went as smooth as it seemed. However, the nightmare finally arrived this month.

When you have accumulated an earning of $10 or more, they normally pay you on the 7th day of next month. As I have allocated an amount of half-good quality domains with BODIS, I saw some good results, earning $xx every month. They are normally killer keyword domains in .COM . NET or .ORG so the result was somewhat expected, though not as good as my results with other companies.

In July, I had been snapping dropped domains that had juicy backlinks and started parking it with BODIS. Anticipated, they were getting clicks every day and the revenue had gone up to $xxx.

Just when I was as happy as you may guess, BODIS let the cat out of the bag.

Just before the pay-out for July's revenue, they suddenly terminated my account with the below email:

Thank you for contacting us. I've just taken a look at your Bodis account and it appears to have been flagged after your domain names were found to have received hundreds of false ad clicks over the past several months. It is against our Terms of Service for you to click on our ads. We regret to inform you that your Bodis account has now been closed and any earnings generated as a result of these false ad clicks will need to be withheld. Unfortunately we will be unable to continue to support your domain names moving forward.

Although I did explain to them the reasons why the newly-added domains were getting many clicks (as they were expired adult websites with huge patronage), they never responded.

What proved their dishonesty is that if they suspected the new domains were fishy, why did not they suspend the service in early July? Did it only catch their attention when the entire month was over and much revenue had been generated?

Just when I was thinking if I was the only unlucky one, there were indeed many victims all over the world!

(1) Trustpilot review - I was surprised by the amount of negative feedback. I wish I had read this before trying them!

(2) MyWot - Looks like there were also many victims

(3) Damn! They were actually registered with fake info

(4) DNForum is an authoritative forum among domain investors. I was too slow to learn about their malpractice

(5) Another fun story to read

Lesson learnt - always do your due diligence when choosing a new partner. I have moved the remaining domains that were with this scammer to other trusted partners.

Although I lost $xxx as falling prey to them, I was, after all, delighted that I eventually understood the reason why I should keep my most valuable domains parked at Sedo, Above and Parking Crew!

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